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About our Board Members


  • Ms. Shyla Enid John


    Enid Shyla John is from Columbia, Maryland, USA. In her professional career, Ms. Shyla has planned, directed, managed, and implemented projects for the U.S. Federal Government clients and worked at several nonprofit organizations in various roles. She is currently working as a Project Manager at Maxim Healthcare Services managing IT Security and Infrastructure projects.According to her, one of her greatest accomplishments of her life has been sponsoring a child through Uplift a Child. Today, this wonderful young woman has completed her high school and aspires to be a teacher in Life Sciences hoping to help the underprivileged people in India. Shyla in her own words said, "I believe each one of us should use whatever gift God has given in service to others faithfully. Life is short. Being a sponsor and now taking an active part in volunteering with Uplift a Child not only allows me to be a part of something wonderful where lives are changed but is also one way for me to live a life that God intended for me through service to others."

  • Ms. Pearl Welch

    Vice President

    Pearl is from Silver Spring, Maryland, USA. She works as a Nurse. She has been with Uplift a Child since 2005 supporting children for education along with her husband James Welch. Pearl's family went to the next level of visiting their sponsored children in India which created a renewed hope for the children. Their services to the children and community in general is exceptional

  • Dr. Navin Boggavarapu


    Dr. Navin is from Marlboro, New Jersey, USA. Along with Dr. Lava, they founded Boggavarapu Foundation which rewards children with cash awards annualy for those who can compete and get first, second and third ranks in their class. Since 2005, they are supporting us and a big part of Uplift a Child as a sponsors, mentors, guide and a friend. 
    Part of their life is well spent in community service projects. Here is a statement from Dr. Navin "one of my favorite sayings is " Do unto others as you would have others do unto you. " One day I hope the kids we are helping will come back and help other kids".

  • Ms. Manisha Sharma


    Manisha Sharma is a banking attorney from Washington DC. She has been sponsor and avid supporter of the Uplift a Child mission since 2005. Moved by the stories of the young mothers, many of them close to her age, she started sponsoring children right after taking her first job as a young person, and continued supporting her children throughout law school. She has worked for several banking regulators as well as the World Bank, specializing in fair lending, consumer protection, and equal access for minorities and women. She believes that the high quality education that Uplift a Child provides is the best, long-term solution for achieving more equality and justice for underprivileged communities. She is honored to serve as Treasurer and looks forward to working with the other Board members in making this another successful year for Uplift a Child.

  • Krishna Grandhi

    Board Member

    Ramakrishna Grandhi is an entrepreneur with diversified business in USA like software and Hospitality Industry. Worked for various MNCs as a Technical Manager in the information technology domain. He has been supporting our children since 2005 along with his wife Mrs. Vinuthna Grandhi. He served various Nonprofit organizations in USA.


  • Mr. Joshua Marcoe

    Board Member

    Joshua is from Greenbelt, Maryland. He works at the General Conference World Headquarters of SDA in Silver Spring. He is also one of our sponsor for a long time supporting children for education.


  • Naga Raju Gurrala

    Country Director

    Mr Nagaraju Gurrala is from Jagtial,Telangana, India. He is currently CEO for ShareSoft IT Solutions in South Africa, he spends a lot of time in helping local charities.

  • Sabelo Sizwe khumalo


     Khumalo Sabelo Sizwe is from KZN(Durban), South Africa. He is an accountant who makes time for charitable activities during his free time. He is part of the governance team and benefits Uplift a Child with his leadership.


  • Ms. Joy Soriano Moy

    Country Director

  • Mr. Edwin Limosnero


  • Mr. Eugene Boney

    Executive Director


  • Mr. Lok Tiwari

    Country Director

  • Ms Usha Sherchan


  • Ms. Yeso Kanti Bhattachan

    Vice- President

  • Mr. Nirjhar Man Sherchan


  • Ms. Kalpana Tiwari


  • Mr. Kumar Pradhan

    Board Member

  • Ms. Anitha Gauchan

    Board Member

  • Ms Sabitra Bhujel (Chepang)

    Board Member

  • Mr. DB Sherchan



  • Samuel Makori

    Country Director


    Samuel Makori is a pastor by training and is currently the president of the Seventh-day Adventist church, East Kenya Union Conference.

                   Pastor Makori loves the youth and has gone on mission trips into the remotest part of the country of Kenya. It is during these mission expeditions that he met with young Maasai girls who were being initiated into adulthood to be married off. The girls ranged from age 9-11. This touched him so much that he thought of a rescue plan for these girls. He used his family money and some help from some friends and took these girls to a boarding school. Two of the girls are in form three (third year in high school) and the other two are joining form one next year (year one in high school) school. With the help of Mr. Sam Vonumu, he has been able to put fifty needy children in school, some in elementary school and others in high school. He desires to expand this humanitarian work to over a thousand children. This is what he wants to do even in his retirement years. He is very passionate about this work.

  • Samuel Misiani

    Country Secretary


    Mr. Samuel Misian is a family man with children. He is an architect by training and he is a university lecturer at a public university. He also sits on another welfare committee dealing with a children’s home, which provides habitation these vulnerable children. He brings to the committee a rich experience of dealing with the disadvantaged.


  • Mr. Zablon Mabea



    Mr. Zablon Mabea is a land economist by training and has worked in various offices and levels in the ministry of land. The highest position he held was that of the Commissioner of land in the republic of Kenya. He has a wealthy of experience in registration of societies and compliance issues. He brings with him  the legal angle into the trust. He is the one who oversaw the registration of the trust in the shortest period.Mr. Mabea has now retired and wishes to spend his retirement time in such humanitarian matters


  • Mrs. Alice Kemuma



    Mrs. Alice Kemuma has a huge passion for the youth and wants to see them succeed in life. She has sacrificed her limited personal money to uplift disadvantaged children and youth.  She is a trained secretary and now works as an administrative secretary.  She has offered to do all secretarial work and much of the communication between the uplift a child International and Uplift a Child International, Kenya Chapter.

  • Gladys Kerubo Gwaro



    Mrs. Gladys Kerubo is a trained high school teacher and currently teaching at an urban high school. Mrs. Gladys Kerubo brings into the trust the teaching skills, which can be used to educate the parents and the community, the importance of giving the youth a pleasant future. She is also able to guide these youngsters in their pursuit of their education.


  • Mr. Sudhakar Kaligithi


    Sudhakar is from Vizag, AP, India. He is currently the Managing Director for Supreme Marine Tankers PVT LTD in Vizag, India. He feels that every one must do something for others while they have life.

  • Mr. Roy Prakash Thanukula


    Roy Prakash is from Vizag, AP, India. He is currently the Director for Supreme Marine Tankers PVT LTD in Vizag, India. He has been with our organization since many years and now part of the Board.

  • Mr. Sudhakar Akurathi


    Sudhakar is from Hyderabad, Telangana, India. He is currently Director of Finance in Insights of Data Pvt Ltd. He is also a business owner of multiple businessess. 

  • Mr. Krishna Kishore Parvathaneni


    Krishna Kishore is from Visakhapatnam, AP, India. He is a Entrepreneur and has been a part of Uplift a Child India since 2010, He is a guru in Financial Management.

  • Mr. Rajashekar Chintamaneni

    Joint Secretary

    Rajashekar is from Visakhapatnam, AP, India. Outside is full time job, he spends a lot of time in helping local charities and currently a Board member and advisor for our operations in India

  • Dr. Satya Jnaneswari


    Dr. Jnaneswari is from Kakinada, AP, India. She is currently working as a Reader in Telugu at SRVBSJB Maha Ranee College in Peddapuram, E.G. Dist, AP, India. She is very passionate about social service and community development. She is also involved in helping many college students who could not afford to go to college because of their financial status..

  • Dr. Ramakrishna Chelikani


    Dr. Ramakrishna is from Hyderabad, Telangana, India. He is an Entrepreneur with multiple businessess all over. While leading his business, he is very passionate about helping his employees, especially the low level employees and their welfare. He has been supporting a lot of families with money and other basic necessities. He is specialized in good governance and over sees our India operations along with our other Board members


  • Mr. Ramesh Chowdhary Janarthanam


    Ramesh is from Chennai, Tamilnadu, India. He is a businessman who makes time for charitable activities during his free time. He is part of the governance team and benefits Uplift a Child with his leadership.


  • Mr. Aimerance Shukuru

    Governance Advisor

    Aimerance is from Bunyakiri, South Kivu in Democratic Republic of Congo. He comes with a lot of experience on how to carefully spend money allocated to a nonprofit. He is part of our Governance team.

  • Mr. Chinyabuuma Dechy

    Country Director

    Chinyabuuma is from Goma City in North Kivu of DR Congo. He worked in the non-profit Industry for more than 20 years with international organizations and comes with rich experience with root level operations. He is volunteering to support our DR Congo operations since 2016 helping our children in Bunyakiri village in South Kivu. His passion for Uplifting the poor and needy was commandable. As a country director, he was won thousands of people's hearts in the area with his good track record.

  • Ms. Dieume Mwisha Chinyabuuma

    Planning Advisor

    Dieume is specialized in Planning, Monitoring and Execution of special projects. She is currently heading our local operations in Bunyakiri along with the team. She comes with 20 years of experience doing exactly the same.

  • Mr. John Mugisa Mayele

    Operations Advisor

    John is a local leader in Bunyakiri with the communities. He knows how important it is to balance the help received and ensure everything is fair and justice is done to the cause. With his help, our team is able to succeed and ensure no wastage of any resources and finances.


  • Ms. Vijaya Chevendra


  • Ms. Rina Kurian


  • Mr. Lance Vattikonda

    Board Member

  • Ms. Lynne Weaver

    Board Member

  • Priyanka Gurrala

    Vice President

    Mrs Priyanka Gurrala from Jagtial,Telangana, India. She is very passionate about social service and community development.

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    Uplift a Child International

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  • World Wide Offices

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    • Floor-3, Flat No:10, Sowbhagya Apartment, Opp.Hotel Tycoon & Heritage, VIP Road, Vishakapatnam- 530003, Andhra Pradesh
    • Congo(DR):
    • 15 Avenue Mbuji-Mavi, Q Keshyero, Goma City, North Kivu
    • Kenya:
    • Box No:14760, Code 00100, GPO, Nairobi, Kenya
    • Nepal:
    • Dhobighat - 3 Lalitpur Sub metropolitan City Lalitpur
    • Philippines:
    • Block-1, Lot 18 Progressive 3 Village, Malino 1, Bayanan Bacoor, Cavite # 4102
    • Canada:
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